What did I say?!

I warned you to watch out, and things were going to get very bad. Countries around the world are now scrambling. Where as I was saying over a month ago, lock down was needed! Even then, I knew about it back at the end of December, but had hoped it was more like SARS.

This virus is going to be a death row, followed by the chair, for lots of people.

Scary times for everyone.

Either way - there's two people who may never know how much I've loved them everyday, no matter what they've been told about me. I just hope they see the other side of all this, and it goes down in their history books, to teach thier kids, and learn that people's lives aren't something to be abused, like people they know have.

Anyways... good luck to us all. I hope to see you all again, in a year(?). I can see some very large, but somber parties happening then!

- MadPea
17 March 2020

Well, this is no movie!

I'll be fine for now, but thank goodness I took a rain-check on doing a few days in China, after Christmas. Even so, still very scary times!

I just know this is going to get some people's OCD into overdrive! Especially in countries where as a whole, they're still happy to cough and sneeze without covering their faces, and just as bad, just spitting out in the street. Especially cold countries, where they have seasonal sniffles.

It's crazy where some countries think how they're so great in their hospitals, but actually with all their fancy toys, they don't understand the basic hygiene in the streets or their own homes, and that's what's going to get them! Even more so, for those that are playing at fancy hospitals, when the truth is, they're still as backward as they were before the cold war! I know, I've lived it!

- MadPea
4 February 2020

It's that time of year again... Where in the world shall I stay?

Going back to New Zealand for Christmas. Going to the southern part for some snow. I hear there's plenty of it this year! So hopefully Santa will still visit? :p I'll be sure to stay at place with a chimney. It'll be great going back. I hope you lovely people don't miss me too much?!

- MadPea
12 December 2019

Now it's time to scare the c*** out of you!

Up late again, getting stuff ready for tonight. Thankfully taking a nap in the middle of the day for this isn't going to be a problem. It's that time of year again, to see some amazing people dressed up in some amazing outfits. ;)

I've managed to sort things out, so all my photos get copied across to my own photo server. I've also managed to get a great deal with my phone's SP, so I can do it real time through 5G.

Olavi pointed out earlier if I really want to scare people tonight, I should show them photos from more than 10 years ago. His wife Kirsti, got me a whisky, and said she feels sorry for me, that I ever went through all that. I laughed with her, that she's not as sorry as I am. They both agreed I'm far, far better off, and I'm not the one living a lie. Which was very nice of them. They're going back to see their larger family soon for Christmas.

Exercising is still going well. Even though I'm putting that on hold a little until Monday.

I've just noticed in the last update I mentioned the helicopter lesson. That was the scariest but most fun in my life. So much so, I've taken even more lessons since. It's hard to fit into my busy calendar, but still so much fun to do.

At the end of next week I'll be off traveling again. Off to chase the sunshine!

- MadPea
31 October 2019

May I help you?

The months have rushed by yet again.

Lots of projects done and dusted now. Which is always a good thing. Lots of people have better lives because of them.

I'm fitter than I've ever been as well. 180lbs of cold hard muscle, with a very low body fat ratio. :)

It feels real good having friends that know how to eat and exercise correctly.

Going for a helicopter lesson next week. It's only cashing in on a Christmas present, but should be lots of fun.

- MadPea
07 May 2019


It should be really fun tonight, meeting up with lots of friends. I'm sure they'll be some really nice outfits ;)

Nothing as scary as what I used to have to look at! lol

It's been a busy year so far again. A lot traveling, a lot excitement, and a lot of getting things sorted out. All of which is very much worth the effort.

I do wonder how many times I've traveled around this blue/green marble of ours?

- MadPea
31 October 2018


Well this has turned out to be an interesting day so far!

Don't worry, I'm fine! Just another one of life's wonderful adventures.

What a day for a whole lot of force to be out there? :)

- MadPea
04 May 2018

Happy New Year!

Oh, what a start to the New Year? Amazing huh? I wouldn't believe it, if I actually hadn't been there.

Absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have wished for a better start to the New Year! I hope everyone else is having such a great time as I am right now!

I'm looking forward to see, what this year has to bring. Everything has been getting better and better all the time. I can only grin like a Cheshire Cat!

- MadPea
04 January 2018

Oh what a strange few days it's been. Nothing to worry about I don't think. I'm still smiling though. My life is fine - it's great infact!

- MadPea
25 October 2017

So it's September. Finally got away from the soggy part of the country. Soggy, being a total understatement. A very scary time. Thankfully for me, it was no where near as bad as it's been for some poor souls, where I was. Thank you all for your calls and messages. Back home now, nice and dry.

That's the end of my travels for the year. So I get to stay in the one spot for a while, rather than always on the move. Who knows, something might happen, and means I have to take a trip. Either way, life couldn't get much better than it is right now! Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day!... LOL

- MadPea
3rd September 2017

A hell of a shame about my old friend, but it was a good and respectful send off.

It was a really nice wedding a week later though. I wish them all the best. Their second wedding is in just over a week. Seems, I better make another speech! It's a shame I can't just rehash the old one. Only two of them will have heard it.

I see some things never change though. Some cheeky little pests have got so much taller since the last time I saw them. Great to see them happy.


- MadPea
7th June 2017

Nearly Easter already - This year has flicked by hasn't it? Got a whole lot done though.

I'm soon to be flying back and forth to the EU over the coming months. Sadly, someone I used to know from my education days, has passed away. So I'm going to their funeral, to pay my respects.

Though, as sad that is, I've also been invited to a wedding the week after, as the best man (twice), for a good friend. They're having two weddings. One over there first, for her family, and then one State side, for his family.

As much as the world seems, to be on the brink - Life is great as ever! I can't get enough of it!

- MadPea
13th April 2017

Well that was no surprise to me! I said he'd be president, donkey's years ago! I said he was aiming for it back then, and if he was, he'd get it some day. I even guessed he'd be up against her.

It just amazes me, that people moan that they want democracy, but as soon as they have it and it's not what they want, they spit their dummy out.

I also still believe that you should have to pass an exam, before you get to vote. The exam wouldn't care which side you're interested in backing, just that you have a strong understanding on the pro and cons of the side of the fence you're sat on, and what's currently going on in the world. If don't at least know those sort of things, then you might as well throw a dart and hope for the best. I personally can't stand the sit on the fence types. If you can't pull your finger out and make a difference, then shut up and get what you're given!

- MadPea
9th November 2016

Has it really been that long? I really didn't mean for it to be left so long.

Fitness wise, I'm around the 180lbs mark (13st-ish) these days. All muscle baby! LOL. Weights, cycling, climbing, etc. American food is great - but it doesn't mean you have stuff your face with it! Sure, I have the odd pizza, etc, and boy are they great. A true balanced diet is the key. I'm thinking of writing a book on it. I was too busy years ago. I'm living proof my ideas work.

Well, I've hit the big FOUR-O. Sure, I look a little older, but I feel as young as ever. I've been to some great parties, even some Tux only deals - rubbing shoulders with the big boys those days. None of the parties were as good as that night though. A lot better company than 10 years before. I was surronded by true friends. I haven't laughed so hard in years. My jaw hurt the next day, from all the smiling I had been doing. It was nice though that some guests said I looked no older than 34. They didn't get the joke, "They should have gone to Specsavers."; Which made me laugh even more. Good honest people though. I can't fault any of them.

I met up with some old friends last month, just to let me know how things are. Going by the photos, some people aren't aging well at all! LOL

I've seen more of the world, than I would have ever dreamed of. Some amazing places - some scary places.

It's been a year and a bit again? What with traveling, and projects, keeping fit, and the free time having fun. I hadn't forgotten, just hadn't realised how much time had gone by for this very important time capsule. Even if I make a random post once a year, that should be interesting even for me - to see what I was up to the year before?!

Friday night - time to have yet more fun! Who knows, I might even win another award? Fingers crossed!

- MadPea
30th September 2016

Oh how life ticks by. Just traveling back from seeing the Total Solar Eclipse. It was well worth the long trip! I've never seen anything as amazing. I've seen large things cast some large shadows before, but nothing like this!! It's very strange how the wind whips up, but it goes colder and dark all at the same time. At least I won't have to travel as far for next year's one! Thank goodness it will not be as cold either! :) I'll be back for a few days, before off traveling again. In the meantime, I'll upload my Sun photos.

- MadPea
23rd March 2015

What a fast pace the past couple of years have been? Finally had some time off to finish this project. Every photograph I've ever taken so far, are now stored on here. It's amazing what Undelete pulls up on really old HDDs!

It's a wonder I've not gone through more cameras with some of the horrible, horrible shots I've taken! LOL

- MadPea
1st April 2014

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- MadPea
1st March 2012

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